Episode 2

What is creativity? A Creative?

Published on: 12th October, 2022

In Episode 2 of season 2 Mitch and Connor talk about creativity as a whole, the term "creative" and how God uses creative people. Even if you do not think you are creative... we talk about you too!

Mitch Talks Mental Episodes are places where Men can talk authentically about anything.

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About the Podcast

Over a Drink
Normalizing normal men talking about normal things.
The Over a Drink Podcast is on a mission to normalize men talking about normal things mental health, addiction, and trauma, to name a few.

When you listen to this podcast you will hear men's stories authentically and you will learn that there are a lot of commonalities between yours and theirs.

The Over a Drink Podcast was created to oppose the stigma of men talking vulnerably about themselves.

This podcast is created by the telling of men's stories but it is for everyone. Testimonies are powerful and there is no limit to what God can do through them.

About your host

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Mitchell Parsons

I am a husband, soon to be dad, and I love Jesus.
I was an All American tight end in high school and I played football at Vanderbilt and Colorado State where I developed an eating disorder that took me out of the game that I loved.
After working in orthopedic sales for a year out of college, I took an unpaid internship that left me unemployed as I walked down the aisle to my wife.
For six months I wrestled with the shame of having an eating disorder as a man and being unemployed as a husband.
In my quiet time one morning I was prompted with the question of " if you were to ask any man on the street if they have experienced shame, what would they say?" I believed the answer would be 100/100 would answer "yes". But I wanted to test my hypothesis.
So I did.
I started meeting with men and asked them to tell me their story. Over the last two years I have sat in coffee shops, bars, bowling alleys, truck beds, park benches and around campfires. And without fail, every man said yes to experiencing shame but I realized something along the way; John has a story with (insert shame here) and so does James and I do not. They need to be hearing each other's story. So thats what I want to do. Share their stories.
I am passionate about mental health and deconstructing the societal expectations of men. I don't want to redefine what it means " to be a man". The Bible does a good job of that already. I want to illuminate what has been written already and expose the lies we have been taught to believe.
Testimonies have power and I want to create a platform for men to SHARE their stories so that men around the world can HEAR their stories.
I would love to hear from you. Reach out to me at overadrinkpodcast@gmail.com